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My name is Maha (Maya) Khalil…I currently teach at a continuation high school in California. Over the course of teaching mathematics, I have consistently found myself writing my own worksheets and using them in my classroom.

In my work I address many of the common mistakes that students repeatedly make and emphasize math vocabulary words that they need to know in order to succeed. Some of my worksheets begin with explanations of relevant concepts aimed at helping parents and students alike. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, I hope you’ll find my work to be useful to you.

Please contact me if you have questions or find any mistakes by using the “contact” tab, and feel free to post a comment. You do not need to leave an email address; that field came with the theme I am using. Thank you for visiting my site.


5 Responses to “About”

  • robert maccarthy says:

    i love this site. i am so grateful. you have a great skill. much love to math and to you!!

  • stephanie says:

    As a middle school math teacher and department chair, I just want to say “thanks” for all these wonderful resources. I have passed them on to all teachers in my department, and they love them!!

  • MSTeacher says:

    Great resources. Thank you so much for sharing. I, especially, love the common error worksheets:-)

  • Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! I started teaching middle school math after years as a ELA / History teacher and I have been in tears each week…. This is a LIFE SAVER thank you!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Your website really a great. It has many great resources and my kids love it. Especially, the worksheets with the explanations. Keep up the excellent work.

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